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To do right when it matters most

To Coloplast, conducting business in an ethical way during all our operations is a top priority. As a global medical devices company we interact with a variety of business partners around the world. These include healthcare professionals, distributors, suppliers, key opinions leaders and healthcare policy makers. Irrespective of the business partner, we focus on ensuring the independence of the individuals we work with and acting with uncompromising integrity to keep our partnerships untarnished by bad business. more about our business practice

How we work

Operating on a global level entails many challenges. In particular, we see the understanding of what is appropriate business conduct varying widely between cultures. So how does a company employing more than 11,000 people and operating in 40+ countries remain committed to responsible business practices with its global partners? The answer lies in both our company values, and our loyalty to industry and national regulations. Read more about Coloplast’s business ethics programme below.



Making sure our employees including directors and business partners have the right mindset and know the rules is a key part of ethical business practices for Coloplast. We know that when conducting business around the world questions may arise on what exactly is appropriate conduct. That’s why we place special focus on training and communicating the rules so there is never any doubt.

BEST - our BEST Ethical Standards

BEST - our BEST Ethical Standards

more about BEST

As a global company, we abide by international industry codes such as MedTech Europe, the medical device association in Europe, as a minimal standard and point of departure. We also follow international and national laws. Our Code of Conduct, called BEST, applies to all employees including directors. 

Coloplast BEST is available in 13 language. Find these as follows:

 - Arabic (pdf)

- Chinese (pdf)

- German (pdf)

- Spanish (pdf)

- French (pdf)

- Hungarian (pdf)

Italian (pdf)

- Japanese (pdf)

- Portuguese (pdf)

- Polish (pdf)

- Russian (pdf)

- UK English (pdf)

- US English (pdf)


E-learning course

more about e-learning

The Coloplast Code of Conduct e-learning course is mandatory for all white-collar employees. One of its benefits is that employees can relate to it because during the development, we interviewed our employees around the world to incorporate real dilemmas they face. Today, nearly 100% of our white-collar employees have completed it. 

face to face training

Face to face training

more about training

We’ll often conduct employee and management workshops to answer practical questions and go through specific dilemma scenarios. These face to face training sessions help address concerns and anchor Coloplast’s commitment to ethical business practices across different business cultures.


Auditing and monitoring

We have processes in place that allow us to quickly identify challenges related to business ethics and anti-corruption and take the necessary steps to correct them. Our anti-corruption programme is continuously reviewed and updated in order to ensure effectiveness. Whenever we do become aware of a possible violation, we investigate, find the root cause, and take action. This helps us prevent future occurrences, and thereby improve our practices.

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Audits and compliance reviews

more about audits and compliance

In addition to setting clear expectations, audits help us prevent, detect and correct instances of non-compliance. These typically take place in high-risk corruption regions of the world.


Third parties 

Distributors are independent partners that help us get our products to customers when we can't be there. But in order to conduct business with them, we want to make sure their operations are respectful and in accordance with the law, and that we only conduct business with the best and most ethical companies.

Distributor Due Diligence Process & Information

Distributor Due Diligence Process & Information

more about Due Diligence Process

Distributor Due Diligence Process

Coloplast has implemented a standardized ‘Due Diligence Process’ for retaining and conducting business with our distributors. The purpose is to review our business partners' compliance- and business integrity level.

For more information on the Due Diligence Process for Distributors, please read our Quick Facts.

Our Quick Facts for Distributors are available in 11 different languages and include:

English (pdf) 

German (pdf)

Spanish (pdf)

Brazilian Portuguese (pdf)

French (pdf)

Russian (pdf) 

Arabic (pdf)

Chinese (pdf) 

- Polish (pdf)

- Turkish (pdf)

- Dutch (pdf)

Find answers to your questions here.

Distributor Code of Conduct & Policies

Distributor Code of Conduct & Policies

more about Distributor Code of Conduct & Policies

Distributor Code of Conduct & Policies

Coloplast emphasizes and actively endorses the philosophy of: “Better no business than bad business” in upholding a high standard of ethical conduct. As Coloplast’s success is based on quality, business integrity and responsible conduct, these values are not only applicable to our employees, but are also expected from our contracted business partners.

For more information on our expectations towards distributors, please view Coloplast Global Distributor Code of Conduct here.

You can also read more about the criteria and procedures of selecting business partners as well as the general terms of cooperation with business partners in Coloplast Global Business Partner Policy here.


Open communication

When it comes to doing what’s right when it matters most, open communication within the organization and with our partners is crucial as we believe compliance is a two-way street. Employees are encouraged to discuss ethical dilemmas with their superiors whenever there is doubt on what the appropriate action should be. The focus is to foster a culture of open and honest communication on a global scale.

talking about corruption

When in doubt, ask

more about transparency

We believe and encourage that all ethical dilemmas out in the field or within the company be discussed in a transparent way between managers and employees. Whenever there is doubt, our people are encouraged to seek advice in order to take the right action.

man with cellphone

Ethics Hotline

more about our hotline

We’re aware that mistakes do happen, and it may not always be easy to come forward during an ethical dilemma. That’s why Coloplast has established an independent Ethics Hotline where any breaches to the global Code of Conduct may be reported anonymously. At Coloplast we encourage an open and honest culture, where people feel free to raise concerns. We will not accept retaliation against anyone who files a report in good faith, regardless of whether or not the claim can be substantiated.

Our global Ethics Hotline is managed by a third party, and open to anyone to report to. You can access our Ethics Hotline here. 

You can also download the Coloplast Ethics hotline app on the App Store and Google Play.

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