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We are growing - we are transforming - we are global

We are growing We are growing But how are we growing?
  • We expect to be 11,000 people in 2017 - today we are 10,000.
  • We report growth across all business areas. 
  • In the last financial year we generated revenues of DKK 12,428 million and 9% organic growth. In the same period EBIT was up by 13% to DKK 4,147 million. 


  • Psst... But one thing not growing is our CO2-emission
We are transforming We are transforming Transforming into what?
  • Today’s users are not passive patients, but rather active consumers who take responsibility for their own health and co-manage the process right from the moment when they enter the hospital. We want to address consumers and patients directly. This does not mean that we are selling products directly to the consumers, but we want direct dialogue with them. 
  • We are consolidating our growth in Europe while investing in developed markets and Emerging Markets.
  • We set new standards in design. The purpose is to create products that are non-stigmatizing and pure.
We are global We are global Global - really?
  • We were founded in Denmark in 1957 - today we're represented in 55 countries and sell our products in 100+ countries - production facilities on three continents.
  • We employ people from 80+ countries speaking 35 languages.
  • For the third year in a row, we take the first place in a global survey by PatientView, where more than 400 patient groups from 39 different countries around the world evaluate medtech companies’ ability to meet patient expectations.
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