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What is a good application to us What is a good application to us You are an exceptional individual with unique talents, achievements and expertise. All of that should be reflected in your application. Write a good application

What is a good application to us

You are an exceptional individual with unique talents, achievements and expertise. All of that should be reflected in your resume. So why do many resumes contain the same unsubstantiated statements?


We've made a list of our top tips given by the hiring managers:


What to do with your CV/resume

  • Your application should include a cover letter and a CV/resume. A good rule is to write the application in the same language as the job advertisement.
  • The CV/resume should be brief, logical and preferably tailored to the position in question. List your experience in chronological order with your most recent experience first.
  • Remember that longer is not necessarily better. 1-4 pages is a suitable length.


We want to get to know you – what to write in your cover letter

  • The cover letter is your opportunity to show more of your personality. It should offer an insight into your motivation and interest in the position.
  • We also love it when you can give us some concrete examples of where you have demonstrated a relevant competence – e.g. do not claim to be a team player. Prove it with examples, e.g.:

a)    10+ years of experience leading teams of 5-100 staff members.

b)    Managed 200+ customer service representatives to exceed their quota by 20% bringing in an extra $5 million in revenue.

c)    100+ hours of presenting and training on project management.

  • Think in terms of outcomes; this will help you to write about facts as opposed to generalities. It will also prepare you better for an interview. We will not assume that you are not a team player or a great communicator because you did not write it in your resume. We will ask you specific questions about it in the interview if it is relevant for the position.


Sending the same message across platforms

  • Ensure that your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile reflects your individuality and your unique experience.

Additional information for students and/or graduates

  • If you have recently graduated, then we also ask that you attach a copy of relevant educational diplomas and/or transcripts.  


A job interview is a two-way street A job interview is a two-way street You’ve been invited for a job interview, and we’ll be asking you many questions to get to know you. However, remember that an interview goes both ways. How to prepare for an interview

A job interview is a two-way street

If you’ve been invited for a job interview, then you can for sure bet that we’ll be asking you many questions to get to know you.


Below you'll find a list of things, you should prepare for at an interview.



Preparation before the interview

  • Think about which messages you want to get across and the impression you want to leave behind.
  • It is a good idea to go over the job advert again as well as your application, so that you know your material through and through.
  • Think about concrete examples to substantiate your competences.
  • Make sure that you cannot get answers to some of your questions from our website. You may find a lot of information about our mission and values. You can read more about our four global leadership principles that sets the direction for how we want our managers to lead, motivate and engage employees. You can scrutinize our annual reports and our standards to ensure correct reporting and transparency.
  • Typically, you should expect to have two or three job interviews before possibly being offered a position. When invited to an interview, we will contact you directly by email or phone.


At the interview

  • The goal of our interviews is twofold. On the one hand we try to assess whether or not you are a match for the position in particular and Coloplast in general. On the other hand we also want you to make the same assessment, because hopefully you will be with us for many years. We therefore encourage you to ask any question at the interview that would help you decide whether or not we are a match in regard to your competencies and ambitions. 

a) Maybe the job title is the same as in your previous job, but that does not mean that the responsibilities are the same. There can be profound differences in which competencies and skills are required to be successful in a role dependent on the organization.

b) You may also be surprised how differently work flows in different organizations – we want you to leave with a clear picture of who we are and what you can expect from your future role.

c) A company’s culture may seem intangible, but it manifests itself in many ways, from how people dress whilst at work to the the way decisions are made, so look for it.

d) Whether or not there is a fit between your values, personality, and work style has a lot to do with how happy you will be working for a particular organization, so prepare some questions beforehand that are essential for you in your future work place.


Remember that in the end it should be win-win – where both you and we have made the right choice.

We use different types of assessments We use different types of assessments Our goal is always to make sure that there is a match between the person and the position. We therefore use assessments to help us gain as much insight as possible in the process. See what kind of assessments you can expect

We use different types of assessments

Our goal is always to make sure that there is a match between the person and the position. We therefore use assessments to help us gain as much insight as possible in the process. We do not base our hiring decision solely on assessments, but use them as pieces in a jigsaw puzzle when getting to know you.


What kind of assessments do we do 

  • We use different types of assessments depending on the position. It can be:

a)    Personality and motivational questionnaires

b)    Ability testing

c)    Business cases

d)    A combination of the above.

  • The Personality and motivational questionnaires give us insight into your preferences for how you work and your motivation. We use it as a starting point for the in-depth interviews.
  • Ability testing objectively measures problem-solving and critical reasoning capabilities. They may include numerical, verbal and inductive comprehension tests.


  • We use global providers for our assessments and they are used in accordance with the highest ethical standards – meaning we treat all assessment results in absolute confidence.
  • If you have questions regarding our use of assessments, please do not hesitate to address them during the interview process.
Are you playing online hide and seek? Are you playing online hide and seek? When we are recruiting for an open position we don’t just sit passively and wait by the computer. Sometimes we go looking for the right candidate ourselves. But will we be able to find you? What do we search for

Are you playing online hide and seek?

There are various ways to get your foot in the door at Coloplast. One of them may be an internal Coloplast recruiter or hiring manager reaching out to you directly, because your online profile caught his or her interest. But just like with paper resumes, we have to sift through profile after profile, to find the relevant ones. Time spent on each profile is limited, so first impressions matter if you want to catch and hold our attention.


Having the right keywords is crucial

  • Make sure to include all relevant keywords in your profile, so that search engines can find you. Otherwise you might not turn up in a search for a position that may be perfect for you, but where the recruiter uses a different term than you do for the same work.
  • If you have specific, specialized certifications or licenses, clearly define this in your profile. In some cases this is the determining factor to making the recruiter interested.
  • Many positions also require a minimum education background. Make sure you clearly identify yours and any specializations within your degree. For example, you may have a degree in marketing, but you specialized in digital communication or brand management. These are key elements that you want to define within your education.



Striking the balance

  • When creating or updating your online profile think about striking a balance between traditional and unique.
  • Your profile should reflect your unique talents, achievements and expertise.
  • At the same time it is a good idea not to stray too far away from the traditional business communication path. Using words such as “Excel magician” or “office ninja” may not be keywords used by a recruiter when doing a search. Stick with standard labels and common keywords so that LinkedIn’s algorithms work to your advantage.
  • Stand out by showcasing your accomplishments using facts.
  • Avoid clichés, use specifics and be authentic.
  • Creative photos may be interpreted differently by different viewers, so a professional profile photo is in many instances a safe bet.
FAQ FAQ There is always a lot of questions when applying for a new job. Here we have gathered some of the most common questions we get. See questions and answers here

See questions and answers here

In what language should I write my application? 

A good rule is to write the application in the same language as the job advertisement. 


Can I apply by post?

We prefer to receive all applications through our recruitment systems or by email. We want to ensure that everybody's application is handled fairly and in the same way. By applying online or by mail we are able to handle your application effectively and efficiently.


Do you receive unsolicited applications?

We recommend you to stay updated on our global jobs here and apply for a specific job instead of sending an unsolicited application.


Can I apply for more than one role?

Yes, you can apply for more than one role. It is important though, to be thoughtful about the roles for which you are applying and whether your skills or level of expertise is right for the position.  


What should a good CV/resume contain and how long should it be?

It depends on how much working experience that you have, but 1-4 pages is a suitable length. Your CV/resume should be structured and tailored to the position. List your experience in chronological order with your most recent experience first.


Do you consider candidates outside of the immediate geography?

We understand the best candidates may need to relocate for a position. Should relocation become necessary, we will discuss the options available.



What happens after I have submitted my application?

Every application will be reviewed by either the hiring manager or a recruiter. We know that many are eager to hear from us, and we will do our best to get back to you as fast as possible.

We will contact you via email or phone if you have been successful in reaching the next stage. When a position has been filled, all other applicants will receive an e-mail.     


I have received a rejection. Could you give me some feedback as to what I could do better next time?

Obviously all applicants, but especially those who have gone through interviews, have invested a great deal of their time in response to our request for applications. We therefore understand the desire to get feedback. We, however, receive several thousand applications each year, and are therefore not able to give personal feedback to all applicants. If you are not part of the selection process you will receive an e-mail stating so. You will get personal feedback if you have been for an interview. 

Tips from hiring managers Tips from hiring managers The best way to get your foot in the door? Here are some tips from hiring managers Read their inspiring tips here

Alla Ryabova

"During the interview I ask the candidates about different situations and how they would handle them in order to see if they match our mission, vision, values and the responsibilities in the call center. I also want the right employees who are motivated to work here, as this is the easiest way to obtain great performance – both individually and as a group.”

Alla Ryabova, Consumer Care Manager, Call Centre, Russia

Read more about Alla on LinkedIn

Davina Heard"I search for candidates who have high energy and strive to drive business results. Candidates who only speak about money are not ones I consider because it shows that they are not here to build a relationship and a career, I look for that overall “TEAM PLAYER”."

Davina Heard, Group Leader Operations, USA

Read more about Davina on LinkedIn


Tamás Kecskés

"I look for the personality and whether I can imagine myself working with this person. Of course the right competencies and the education is important, but often I also pick someone who doesn't have the exact competence I was looking for, but a really interesting experience and past."

Tamás Kecskés: Planning manager, Denmark (HQ)

Read more about Tamás on LinkedIn


Helen Farmer

"I would advise that they visit our website and understand our missions and values and what we really stand for. This also leads into having a real understanding of our products and that they are for intimate healthcare. If people feel they are incapable of having these intimate conversations then Coloplast is not the workplace for them!"

Helen Farmer, Consumer Care manager, UK

Read more about Helen on LinkedIn


Hemant Bhardwaj

"I look for someone who is very motivated by working with consumers – making a difference in their life. This is the foundation of our company and the daily interaction plays a huge role for our working culture."

Hemant Bhardwaj: Country manager, India

Read more about Hemant on LinkedIn


Pierre Binette

"Demonstrate your passion for working at Coloplast. What do you know about the company that will tell me you want to be a part of it (are you curious enough to find all about it? Or just how far are you willing to go to know about us?). Be clear on what you want, what type of career and job so everyone can make nit the best fit for all. This is an important decision in your life."

Pierre Binette: Regional sales manager, Australia & New Zealand

Read more about Pierre on LinkedIn


Egon Triel"”There are two things I look for when hiring people. One: Do your competencies match so you can be successful? Two: can you relate to Coloplast’s greater mission? This is not just a job – this is a foundation of life. In Coloplast we all work for the same mission of improving someone’s quality of life.”

Egon Triel, Director, GRD Tech Pilot

Read more about Egon on LinkedIn


Alfonso Ramirez Escamilla"I believe that not everyone is qualified to work in Coloplast. You need to have a heart, be strong and have a passion to help. I like to see people from a human side. The first interview is very important to me – this is the time to get to know the person and find out their aspirations and goals – if they have what it takes.”

Alfonso Ramirez Escamilla, National Sales Manager, Mexico

Read more about Alfonso on LinkedIn

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