Master Thesis Program - Corporate
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Are you about to write your final master thesis and do you want to work with people from all around the world? Join Coloplast’s Master Thesis Programme, and make the most of your master’s degree 


Every year we open our doors to a group of graduates and give them the opportunity to write a thesis based on real business cases. You will be able to combine your theory with current business challenges and meet highly dedicated professionals within your area of study. Several of our previous Master Thesis Programme participants joined Coloplast permanently upon their graduation. This year, Coloplast is offering up to eight projects within:

Commercial Operations

  • How should Coloplast transition to a new and more virtual sales reality post COVID-19?


Service Marketing

  • Enrolment hooks; how do we make it “obvious and urgent” for Chronic Care patients to sign up for our service programs?

Digital Health


  • Using Machine Learning and AI to identify users struggling with skin issues and support them in self-assessment and empower better treatment

Product Management

  • Build a product portfolio and business development strategy to get us from 1,3 to 2 billion DKK in annual revenue in 5 years


  • Applying a data centric approach, how can Coloplast improve retention through patient support programme services


  • Implementing digital services in Wound Care

Medical Marketing

  • Understanding the current market situation of bladder and bowel management in the Multiple Sclerosis patient population in Europe and US to identify methods to drive adoption of intermittent catheters.


  • Engaging with Health Care Professionals in a virtual world – breaking barriers to effective communication

During the interview process, we will determine which project is the best fit for your interest and background. If you have an idea for a project, we are also open to hear about it and decide if there is a need for it in the organisation. Travel activities might be required for some of the projects.


Please follow this link for more detailed information about the application process and to find the link for the application form. When filling in the form you will be asked to answer some screening questions and attach (in English) your CV, cover letter and transcripts

If you wish to write with a partner both of you need to apply individually via the system. You cannot make a joined application. Make sure to state the name of your thesis partner in the top of your application


The programme runs from January to May 2021. The exact timeline is flexible and can be determined with your sponsor and your university

  • Deadline for application is 22 September 2020


  • Face-to-face interviews with the business sponsors are planned for week 41, 2020 (via “Teams” if you are studying outside Denmark)


  • Internal Challenger Board sessions are conducted between January and April
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