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When you get a job here, you get much more than just that. You get a career. We’ll push you, stretch you and reward you. Performance here goes a long way – you drive your own career development. Be ambitious and deliver results, and you’ll thrive. Our People Cycle supports you along the way

A career – not just a job

As a Coloplast employee, you’re encouraged to actively explore global opportunities and take ownership of your own professional and personal development. This is done in a very practical way through a few processes that take place throughout the year between employees and managers.


We call it the People Cycle.

People cycle


A genuine driver of performance

Meet Toshio Nakatsuji and Johan Hildebrand. One is a Japanese sales manager, the other a Swedish engineer in Corporate Finance. While working 5,500 miles apart, both recently took the next step in their Coloplast career and attribute some of their development to our People Cycle.

Toshio Nakatsuji Toshio Nakatsuji Meet Toshio

Toshio Nakatsuji

"I really appreciate the Performance Development Planning (PDP) conversations with my manager. They have helped me identify the areas where I could develop. I have also used my PDPs to find out how I could become even better at developing my own team members. To me, the PDP has served as a genuine driver of performance and development.”


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Johan Hildebrand Johan Hildebrand Meet Johan

Johan Hildebrand

"Our global people processes such as the People Review have been a huge step forward for all of us working at Coloplast. They ensure that time is dedicated to our professional development and that managers get a stronger understanding of employee performance based on specific feedback from the organisation.”


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