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Capital Markets Days

  • Capital Market Day
24 Jun 2020

Coloplast postpones Capital Markets Day due to COVID-19

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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak Coloplast has decided to postpone the Capital Markets Day scheduled for 24 June 2020.

The event is expected to take place later this year and a new date will be announced as soon as we have more clarity around the COVID-19 situation. 

We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to seeing you later this year and to presenting the new long-term strategy for the company.

Kind regards,
Ellen, Rasmus & Hannah
Investor Relations


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  • Capital Market Day
4 Jun 2014

Capital Markets Day 2014

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Coloplast CMD 2014 (1) CEO Lars Rasmussen

Coloplast CMD 2014 (2) R&D

Coloplast CMD 2014 (3) Global Marketing

Coloplast CMD 2014 (4) Region Europe

Coloplast CMD 2014 (5) Region US

Coloplast CMD 2014 (6) Region Emerging Markets

Coloplast CMD 2014 (7) Wound Care

Coloplast CMD 2014 (8) Urology Care

Coloplast CMD 2014 (9) CFO Lene Skole


  • Capital Market Day
21 Jun 2011

Capital Markets Days 2011/ Day 1

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Coloplast Capital Markets Days 2011in Hungary

"A comparative view on Healthcare delivery and financing systems"

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  • Capital Market Day
22 Jun 2011

Capital Markets Days 2011/ Day 2

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Coloplast Capital Markets day 2011 in Hungary, day 2


"On track towards our long-term ambition" by CEO Lars Rasmussen

"Transforming our Wound Care business" by SVP Nicolai Buhl Andersen

"Tomorrows growth - Exposure to Emerging Markets" by SVP Christian Salling

"Towards operational excellence" by SVP Allan Rasmussen

"Strategic sourcing" by VP Jesper M. Kalenberg

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  • Capital Market Day
7 Oct 2010

Capital Markets Dinner 2010

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Coloplast Capital Market event in Copenhagen.

Includes presentation by CEO Lars Rasmussen and CFO Lene Skole.

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