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Do you want to share your case report with the world and join the Coloplast professional development event in Denmark?

Document your patient’s wound healing process using Coloplast products in a case report. Submit your case report and join the race to be one of the authors invited to Denmark, the home country of Coloplast.


The Case Report Challenge 2018 is now closed for submissions. Thank you for showing interest and participating in this year’s Case Report Challenge.

We invite you to Denmark to learn more about modern wound care with colleagues from around the world

We believe that modern wound healing
is all about sharing. That is why Coloplast
arranges a professional development event
where authors of selected case reports
are invited in November to Coloplast
headquarters in Denmark.

The event is about recognising and sharing your dedication to wound care with fellow healthcare professionals and the experts from the industry. Together with Wounds International and Madeleine Flanagan, Coloplast supports you to take your case report one step further, to publish the case report and to share the fantastic work you do for your patients with the world. That is how we make every day count.

Last year we invited 7 healthcare professionals
from all over the world to present their case
reports and participate in the Coloplast
professional development event. With the help
of Madeleine Flanagan, we developed each case
report into a poster as a testament to the fantastic
work of each healthcare professional.