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Let´s make every day count at EWMA 2017

One of the most exciting events in wound care, EWMA 2017 is now over. Thank you to all that visited our booth. 

You can still strengthen your clinical foundation of wound assessment and management with our EWMA endorsed Wound Assessment e-learning and participate in the Case Report Challenge. Read more details below. 

How to join the Case Report Challenge

HEAL Wound Assessment e-learning course

This e-learning is still available for you. Log in to your elarning site below. When you have passed the final assessment, you will be able to download your EWMA endorsed certificate.

Develop Case Report

In your e-learning site, you will be able to find all the materials needed to develop your Case Report. Assess a wound using Triangle of Wound Assessment, manage it using Coloplast products and fill in the data into the Case Report Template. Please read the Case Report Guide or contact us if you have any questions at all.  

Submit Case Report

After filling in the Case Report Template with your data, you can submit your Case Report by clicking on the “Submit your case report challenge” and sending the Case Report Template to Remember, the deadline for submission is 31st of July 2017

Present Case Report in Denmark, 28-29th of September 

If you are one of the selected authors, we will invite you for a professional development opportunity in Coloplast headquarters in Denmark in September 2017. The 2 days/1 night event will be filled with best practice sharing from fellow authors, a workshop to develop poster from your Case Report and a clinical visit to the wound centre in Denmark. All expenses will be covered by Coloplast. 

Already registered? Log in here.


Click here to read Frequently Asked Questions


Case Report

  • What does a good case report look like?
    You can see examples of Case Reports on your e-learning site under materials 2. Case Report Challenge.
  • What are the criteria/requirements to the case report?
    You need to assess the wound using Triangle of Wound Assessment and manage using Coloplast products.
  • What type of wounds can be included?
    Wounds that are within the indications of the selected Coloplast product.
  • What is the time frame for the wound assessment?
    Ideally, you should assess the wounds three times and include the three pictures in your case report. The wound does not need to be healed but it should show significant improvement.
  • When do I need to submit my case report?
    31st July 2017.
  • What if I don’t have access to Coloplast products?
    We can provide them for you to be used in this case report.
  • How do I submit my case report?
    You need to log in to your e-learning site and click on “Submit your case report challenge” and send your filled case report template to It is important that you do both steps.
  • Who will assess it?
    Madeleine Flanagan will assess it together with Coloplast.
  • How can I get more information about the Triangle of Wound Assessment?
    Log in to your e-learning and you will be able to find Triangle of Wound Assessment materials under “3. How to use the Triangle of Wound Assessment”.
  • How do I get access to the Case Report e-learning site?
    From this page, click on “Already registered? Log in here.”
  • What if I have forgotten my password?
    Send an email to and we will help you.
  • Who can I contact for support?
    Please write an email to or contact the local Coloplast representative. 

Professional Development event in Denmark

  • When is the event in Denmark?
    It is planned for end of September.
  • Who will pay for my trip?
    Your trip expenses will be covered by Coloplast.
  • What will happen on the event?
    In this 2 days/1 night event, you will be introduced to Coloplast and hear on how about the importance of collaboration with healthcare professionals in product development. Madeleine Flanagan will lead a workshop on becoming a strong voice in wound care. You will present your case report and share best practices and the day will end with a nice dinner. The following day, we will do a clinical visit to a wound center in Denmark.    

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