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Our Story

It all began one summer day back in 1954, when plastics manufacturer Aage Louis-Hansen was contacted by community nurse Elise Sørensen. She had come up with a bright idea and now she wanted to know if he might be interested in putting her invention into production.

Her sister had recently gone through an ostomy operation and Elise was concerned by the dramatic change in her sister’s lifestyle following the operation, so she was determined to help her sister out of her isolation.

The world’s first disposable stoma bag – a self-adhesive plastic bag was the answer.

Right away, Aage Louis-Hansen’s wife, Johanne Louis-Hansen, who was a trained nurse, saw the benefits of the concept and convinced her husband to put the solution into production.

Things were to happen quickly. As a civil engineer, Aage Louis-Hansen was able to solve the technical problems and his wife was able to evaluate the concept and envisage the significant step forward which the stoma bag represented.

At that time, Aage Louis-Hansen had a factory manufacturing packaging materials out of plastic film and there, in 1954, production of the first Coloplast stoma bag started.

Over the next three years such was the demand for it that in 1957 a new company, Dansk Coloplast A/S, was founded.
Today, the Coloplast products are marketed and sold all over the world. Our business now includes ostomy care, continence care, urology care and wound care and skin care. In all these areas, we are guided by our founders’ passion and commitment to people with intimate healthcare needs. We listen to their needs and respond with products that make their lives easier. 

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