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ADR Programme

The American Depositary Receipt (ADR) programme offers a convenient way for residents of the United States to invest in Coloplast A/S.
An ADR is a negotiable US certificate representing ownership of shares in a non-US corporation. ADRs are quoted and traded in US dollars in the US securities market. Also, dividends are paid to investors in US dollars.
Coloplast’s Level 1 ADR facilitates investment in Coloplast A/S by North American (and other USD) investors.
The Coloplast ADRs trade over-the-counter.

Benefits of ADRs

to US Investors

Clear and settle according to normal US standards

Offer the convenience of stock quotes and dividend payments in US dollars

Can be purchased / sold in the same way as other US stocks via a US broker

Provide a cost-effective means of international portfolio diversification

Ability to acquire the underlying securities directly upon cancellation







Level 1 ADR








10 ADRs : 1 ordinary share



Underlying SEDOL


Underlying ISIN


Depositary Bank



BNY Mellon



The Coloplast ADR profile can be searched on


Frequently asked questions about ADR

What is an ADR?

An American Depositary Receipt (ADR) is a receipt representing ordinary or common shares of a non-US company security that trades in the US. As ADRs are priced in US dollars, investors can buy ADRs in the same way as they purchase or sells shares of US securities. Get more information on ADRs.

How can I buy an ADR?

You can buy an ADR through a broker just as you would buy US securities.

Can I purchase ADRs directly from Coloplast?


How do I convert my ordinary shares into ADRs?

Converting ordinary shares into ADRs must be done through a broker or an investment advisor. 

How are ADR dividends paid and taxed?

Dividends are paid in US dollars and are generally taxable like dividends on US shares. In addition, taxes may be withheld by the ADR Company’s local government. Depending on individual circumstances, foreign taxes withheld might be applied as credit against US taxes or tax reclaim opportunities may be offered. 

How can I find out dividend and corporate action information on Coloplast?

For dividend and corporate information, please visit the BNY Mellon website and double click on the "Dividends and Distributions" section.

You can also use the search function at the top of the screen, type in the company name or ticker and find dividend and other key information under the company's profile.

What is the difference between a Registered holder and a Beneficial ADR holder?

A registered holder is one whose name appears on the books of the depositary as a registrar; the registered holder is considered the owner of record. A beneficial holder is one whose holdings are held in a name other than their own, such as the name of a broker, bank or nominee. 

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