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Raising concerns

Coloplast Ethics Hotline

At Coloplast we encourage an open and honest culture, where people feel free to raise concerns. We will not accept retaliation against anyone who files a report in good faith, regardless of whether or not the claim can be substantiated.

Our global Ethics hotline is managed by a third party, and open to anyone to report to.

Interacting with us

Global Fair Market Value Grid and Guidelines

Global Fair Market Value Grid and Guidelines

Coloplast interacts with healthcare professionals in order to ensure optimal use of our products by consumers. Read more

The hiring of healthcare professionals by Coloplast is always based solely on the healthcare professional’s suitability for the job and her or his professional abilities and qualifications. When engaging a healthcare professional Coloplast ensures that the compensation is proportionate to the services delivered, consistent with fair market value, and kept transparent. The details of the engagement are documented in a written agreement.

Why fair market value is important·         

  • FMV standards are applicable to each agreement with a healthcare professional·         
  • Contract payment rates are evaluated in a consistent manner for all agreements·         
  • Consistency is key across collaboration with healthcare professionals

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