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Improving people’s lives within intimate health care needs is a dedication, a passion. At Coloplast there are many ways to do that. Several functional areas are vital to providing our customers with the ultimate products and services. Explore where your background, experience and interest could take you.

Global Operations

Manufacturing at Coloplast belongs to the global functional area called Global Operations, a worldwide organisation with manufacturing sites in three different time zones and warehouses on every continent.  We are responsible for innovation and ramping-up new products, supply and logistics, as well as procurement, and quality.


Global Operations covers the following functions:

Global Operations is responsible for the end-to-end supply chain of all products sold by Coloplast. It is up to us to make sure that our high-quality products are available when the customers need them.

Global Quality

Global Quality work globally with Quality, Regulatory & Environmental, Health & Safety, across borders and markets. We are a dynamic and diverse team, consisting of colleagues with different educational and cultural backgrounds.

Global Quality supports the business by ensuring license to operate and sell, as well as operational efficiency - our focus is on compliance, the business, and safety. 

Quality - License to Operate

  • Quality systems compliance

  • Supplier quality management

  • Risk management, suppliers & vigilance

  • Quality innovation and operations

Regulatory Affairs - License to Sell

  • Registrations – current and market expansions
  • Product changes
  • RA Support; Labels, IFU, etc.
  • Regulatory & EHS compliance
  • Biological safety

Operational efficiency - quality issues, cost reductions, risk, and range care

  • Supply Value Stream project management, with focus on projects affecting our legacy business
  • Product performance
  • Risk programme
  • Issue mitigation

Global Supply Chain

In Global Supply Chain, we are responsible for the end-to-end supply chain performance and governance, and consists of the following 3 areas: 

Supply Chain Development, responsible for development and improvement activities within supply chain systems and processes.

Supply Chain Planning, responsible for balancing supply and demand, managing the supply chain side of new product launches and our Supply Chain Support Centre in Hungary.

Commercial Supply Chain, one point of contact between the commercial organisation and supply chain, responsible for demand forecast and communication, and involved in the handling of all issues

Global Distribution

 Our focus is to provide a robust, high performance with cost reduction year after year and agility towards change. 

Corporate Procurement

As a part of Global Operations, we are a strategic procurement function with local presence in all our production facilities and main sales subsidiaries around the world.

It is our responsibility to provide the best possible commercial agreements covering products and services bought throughout the Coloplast organisation.

We continuously strive to fulfil our ambition of being a valued business partner supporting profitable growth.

Global Research and Development

At Coloplast Global Research & Development, we focus on what we do best: developing innovative products. It is our responsibility to take an innovative idea and turn it into a product that makes a real difference to people. Our success is built on 60 years of innovation and commitment to our consumers. 

Listen to Senior Vice President Oliver Johansen explain how we will go forward in Global R&D

Listen to Senior Vice President Oliver Johansen explain how we will go forward in Global R&D

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Listen to Senior Vice President Oliver Johansen explain how we will go forward in Global R&D


Departments in Global Research and Development: 

Medical Affairs

Medical Affairs is a department within Global R&D focusing on supporting product development and our markets. The Medical Affairs organisation contains the following functions:

Clinical Operations - responsible for the planning and conducting of clinical studies as well as to establish the clinical documentation required to demonstrate performance, market claiming and business needs.

Clinical Strategies - Responsible for the project management of the Value Proof tracks in R&D projects, statistical design and analysis of clinical studies and publications of clinical studies

Regulatory & Scientific Affairs - responsible for scientific evaluations, reporting and publication of clinical studies and regulatory support to innovation projects as well as to establish the product documentation package required for regulatory approval.

Design Control - responsible for the creation of required design control documentation for innovation projects.

Global Marketing


We are an ambitious department located in our global headquarters (HQ) in Denmark. We work with our subsidiaries around the world as well as the operational functions in HQ. We are an international and diverse team that thrives on new perspectives.We have four central areas of responsibility in the commercial side of HQ: Product Management incl. innovation, Marketing & Branding, Market Access & Pricing and Commercial Development. 


With our subsidiaries, we set global commercial priorities, and develop activities to act on these. We set and execute product pipelines that address a high clinical ambition as we insist that our products make a difference. As a global function, we have a wide array of commercial activities that we develop and launch with the countries. These span from campaigns to pricing initiatives, service offerings, congresses and products.

Main functional tasks:

  • Product Management

  • Marketing Management

  • Consumer Marketing


  • Dialogue Programs

  • Branding

  • Medical Marketing

  • Advisory Boards

  • Congresses & Events

  • Pricing

  • Public Affairs

  • Sales Training

  • Marketing Analytics

  • Systems and Process definition and rollout

  • Strategic Projects

Typical background

  • Business School Education

  • Marketing or Product Management experience

  • Project Management experience

  • Healthcare education and/or experience

  • FMCG experience for Consumer Marketing roles

  • Consultancy or similar experience for Commercial Development roles

Corporate functions


We work from a mindset of supporting business execution, being internal service providers and global partners in our business. We support the ambitious Coloplast agenda through strategy, processes and policies. In the corporate functions, you can apply your knowledge and experience to implement and support value-adding business solutions.

You will find us within these business areas:

  • Finance

  • HR

  • IT

  • Investor relations

  • Communication

  • Strategy

  • Legal


We are problem solvers, strategic thinkers, data-driven analysts and creative innovators. We are characterized by several small, diverse and agile units whose primary function is to support the business efficiently.For more specific competency requirements, please check out our job openings.


In Sales we work in partnership with our customers to ensure our users get access to the right products and services as we know this can be life-changing.

What do we do?

Our objective is to ensure we build strong business partnerships with healthcare professionals around the world, so we together can deliver the best solutions to make life easier for people with intimate healthcare needs.

Together with healthcare professionals and partners from around the world, we are fighting to improve the availability and standard of care. We lead for the people who are counting on us by anticipating needs and taking action that exceed the expectations of our users and health care professionals. 

We work within this areas: 

  • Chronic Care (Ostomy Care & Continence Care)
  • Wound & Skin Care
  • Urology Care

What we normally recruit for:

We recruit for sales positions on many levels. From frontlines sales people to senior sales managers. We are looking for candidates who are ready to build partnerships with our customers to deliver the best solution for the users and drive our business forward. 

Our emplyees have:

  • Strong business acumen and a clinical interest
  • Passion and good interpersonal skills
  • Tenacity and great communication skills
  • Experience in sales and a proven track record

Who are we?

We are a dedicated global sales force who takes pride in using our brain, heart and muscles to promote our products knowing that each one sold improves another person’s quality of life.

Our day is characterized by challenging work in a demanding yet enjoyable environment together with healthcare professionals and great colleagues, and we take pride in listening to our customers and responding with a solution that match their needs. 

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