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    16 Nov 2005

    Global strategy to increase growth

    Coloplast aims to be the market leader in all business areas, to be superior within innovation and to create increased value to capture new geographical markets.

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    • Coloplast aims to be the global market leader in all existing business areas
    • To achieve a global revenue of DKK 13b in 2012 through organic growth
    • At least to double economic profit (EP) every five years
    • To increase profit margin (EBIT) to at least 18% in 2012 

    Earlier today, Coloplast released the financial statement for 2004/05, which clearly indicated that growth must be increased to at least 10% per year over the coming seven years. Revenue increased by 8% to DKK 6,528m and operating profit by 2% to DKK 1,005m.
    Michael Pram Rasmussen, LLM and CEO of Topdanmark A/S is proposed for election to the Coloplast board of directors with a view to succeeding Palle Marcus as chairman of the board in 2006.
    The company intends to continue to grow. Coloplast aims to be the market leader in all business areas, to be superior within innovation and to create increased value to capture new geographical markets. A specialised sales force will contribute to this objective, and the financial resources for investment in new markets and the sales drive will be provided ia from a global production strategy focusing on large-scale operations.

    Coloplast's new map

    Coloplast will split the sales organisation into 5 regions: Northern Europe, Central Europe, Southern Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific. The sales organisation will be simplified, and the five regions will be managed from the subsidiaries in Great Britain, Germany, France, the USA and Japan.

    Global Operations is the name of the global manufacturing unit which will be responsible for all production output to the five sales regions. Global Operations will also be in charge of logistics, machine design and construction and technical maintenance.
    "Towards 2012 we will become more global and less Danish. Coloplast's growth in Europe during the last 50 years must continue on a global basis if we are to create - also in future - the value expected by our shareholders", says Sten Scheibye.
    A large part of the manufacturing activities will be located in Hungary and China at the expense of Denmark, resulting in a reduction of salaried employees in Denmark due to a simplification on the organisation.
    The improved efficiency in operations, processes and administration as well as economies of scale will make investment increases possible in R&D, innovation and sales and marketing.
    Coloplast will gather the wound and skin care strategic business units in the Wound and Skin Care Division. The new wound and skin care division will, together with the ostomy and continence care divisions, form a global matrix organisation in which sales and marketing is handled in the subsidiaries in the regions, while research, product development and business development is handled by the divisions.

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    17 Oct 2005

    Coloplast gives nurses a third hand

    No more difficult dressing changes for nurses when compression bandaging patients with leg sores or diabetic foot ulcers.

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    Introducing Biatain Soft-Hold foam dressing from Coloplast. An advanced wound dressing coated with a mild, skin-friendly adherent layer that fastens easily and stays in place while applying compression bandaging.

    At the same time, wound exudate can easily penetrate the adhesive layer, thus allowing for more effective retention by the dressing; this creates a moist environment, promoting faster wound healing for the patient. Patient pain during dressing change is also minimised, as the dressing does not adhere to the wound


    Biatain Soft-Hold - A third hand

    Finn Ketler, manager of Coloplast’s Wound Care unit, says, "Nurses have told us that it is difficult for them to keep the dressing in place while at the same time using a compression bandage on a patient. The nurses were actually looking for a third hand and asked us whether we couldn’t combine Biatain dressing with a gentle fastening layer so the bandage stays in place - before the compression bandage is put on. Without compromising the dressing’s abilities to absorb leakage from the wound. That’s how the idea of Biatain Soft-Hold arose."

    Biatain Soft-Hold can be left in place for up to seven days before necessitating a dressing change and is mainly for the treatment of chronic wounds such as leg wounds, diabetic foot and bedsores that require professional treatment.


    Faster wound healing with modern dressings

    Modern dressings such as Biatain Soft-Hold, maintain the moistness of the wound while simultaneously allowing it to breathe. This decreases the need for frequent dressing changes (as is the case with gauze bandages), because modern dressings absorb wound exudate without drying them out. Coloplasts selection include products that contain hydrocolloid, hydrogel, foam, alginate and active substances such as silver which is bactericidal.

    Biatain Soft-Hold has already been successfully launched in Germany, Switzerland and Denmark and will be launched in other territories at the end of the year.

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    5 Oct 2005

    Freedom for people with bladder dysfunction

    Coloplast has just launched SpeediCath Complete. A new version of the advanced ready-to-use catheters.

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    SpeediCath Complete is designed for users who are not able to empty their bladders, and who need a disposable catheter. The reason for bladder dysfunction may be spinal cord injuries or the disorder multiple sclerosis, a disorder that is often causing paralysis of the body and reduced mobility.

    SpeediCath Complete has been developed for catheter users who want to live an active life and to take part in sports, travelling or outdoor activities where access to appropriate sanitary arrangements is limited.

    SpeediCath Complete makes it possible to empty the bladder by means of a catheter independent of the sanitary arrangements.

    The catheter is built into a tight-fitting collecting bag, which it is possible to keep after use and empty or discard when the circumstances permit.

    SpeediCath Complete is provided with a unique design with a small "squeeze and let go" insertion plastic grip.

    This design makes the catheter easier to control for persons with reduced mobility, and it is hygienic and safe since finger contact to the catheter can be completely avoided.

    In this way the risk of infection of the urinary tract is reduced. Like the other coated SpeediCath catheters Speedicath Complete is delivered immersed in sterile salt water and is ready to use immediately after the opening of the packaging.

    SpeediCath Complete is the only coated catheter in the world market with an integrated collection bag 100% ready to use.

    Developed in co-operation with French users
    The development of SpeediCath Complete has been made in a close dialogue with French doctors, nurses and users of the catheters. Particularly in France many catheter users prefer a catheter with an integrated collecting bag.

    SpeediCath Complete has already been launched in France, and we expect to launch the product in Denmark in spring 2006. Before the launch in Denmark the product will be launched in several of Coloplast’s essential markets. Coloplast is the second largest supplier of coated catheters in Europe.

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