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Intertrigo is a common form of skin fold damage

InterDry - demonstrated to provide symptom reduction and relief within 5 days

Case study 1

Behind the knee

• Symptoms: Erythema, denudement, maceration

• Initial treatment: Oral and topical antifungal treatment for 231 days.

• Outcome with initial treatment: Condition not resolved

• Follow-up treatment: InterDry was applied

• Outcome with InterDry: Complete resolution of all symptoms by day 5

Case study 2

Behind the pannus

• Symptoms: Erythema, maceration, satellite lesions, denuded skin at the base of the fold, odour and pain

• Treatment: InterDry was applied

• Outcome: Complete resolution of all symptoms by day 5

InterDry is a 3-in-1 product for skin fold management

InterDry is available in the form of a roll and a pouch, and has a wear time of up to 5 days

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