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What can Coloplast Care do for you?

Coloplast Care offers a variety of support programmes to assist you in your daily life when living with intimate healthcare needs. Whether you have used our products for one day, a few months, or even many years, we have the resources to help you lead the life you want. Along your journey, questions and concerns may arise that require a little extra attention, and we are here to help.

With Coloplast Care, you can:

  • Access direct phone support from dedicated Care Advisors 
  • Explore our different products and work with our Advisors to help find the right solution for your needs and lifestyle
  • Receive support emails that inspire and educate
  • Find relevant support and lifestyle articles, as well as read the inspirational stories of others living with intimate healthcare needs
  • Explore educational content related to your condition
  • Download supporting materials to help you take charge of your daily life 
  • Access our health checks

Personalised support

We understand that everybody is different, and everybody has different needs. Therefore, this means that the support you receive is tailored to you. Through our health checks, chats with our Care Advisors, and supporting materials, we can work with you to troubleshoot common issues and offer the guidance that is right for you. We want you to succeed.

Coloplast Care offers support programmes for people with an ostomy or a catheter, which offers you a helping hand along with advice and inspiration for your daily life. You’ll find news, guides and personalised support by email, inspirational articles and online resources, direct phone support from dedicated advisors and access online tools to help you take charge of your condition.

Have you heard of MyOstomy? With our app, you can dive into our vast library of educational content covering topics like diet, fashion, socialising, routines, and much, much more. Track your stoma over time with your in-app stoma-diary and live the life you want.

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