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Comfeel® Plus Ensured protection. Faster healing.*
Hydrocolloid dressings for moist wound healing

Comfeel Plus provides the benefits of moist wound healing and protection for wounds and skin at risk.

*  Compared to traditional wound treatment

** Only Comfeel Plus Transparent 

Using Comfeel Plus Transparent under masks and goggles to protect skin at risk

This is a challenging time for healthcare professionals. The outbreak of the Covid-19 (Corona) virus is putting immense pressure on both medical personnel and medical facilities around the world. To protect themselves from infection, healthcare professionals are taking additional precautions - using masks and goggles when treating patients.

Masks and goggles, although an important safety measure, may lead to pressure injuries and discomfort with prolonged wear. Research has shown that hydrocolloids can be used to protect skin at risk and these kinds of pressure injuries.

How to cut Comfeel Plus Transparent

Ensure that the skin is completely dry before applying the product.

Areas where you can experience skin friction: cheek, nose, forehead.

Cut to fit areas where skin is at risk. Remember to cut before removing the protective papers.

Consider aseptic technique during handling and apply with the adhesive side of the product facing the skin. Gently swipe your fingers on the product to make it adhere to the skin.

Put on the protective mask and goggles.

The protection you know. The user-friendliness you need.

We have updated Comfeel Plus with new 3-piece non-touch system for easy and aseptic application.

We have redesigned the retail box with turquoise touch points, large font size and a life-size picture of the product on the front to make it easy to find the dressing you need.

We have included “how to use” illustrations on the pouch to guide you all the way through. 

Comfeel Plus

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