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At Coloplast, we work to make life easier for people living with wounds and the healthcare professionals who treat them.

That means listening to nurses and clinicians to fully understand their needs and challenges. And use that knowledge to find new and better ways to deliver what we know they care about the most: a shorter way to wound healing.

Our portfolio of products supports every phase of the wound healing process – solutions that work together to provide optimal healing and protect the skin. The risk of infection is a concern for most
healthcare professionals working with wounds. Our Biatain® foam and fiber dressings are designed to address that risk in the way they absorb and retain exudate. By forming a close fit to the wound bed, these dressings create the optimal wound healing environment.

Effective products go a long way. But knowing how to treat wounds is just as important.

Together with clinicians around the world, we’ve created a range of services, hands-on tools and flexible education programmes for nurses treating wounds. Designed for healthcare professionals at all levels of experience, they provide
practical guidance – when and where
they need it.

By combining effective products and on-the-job support, we help healthcare professionals deliver the best care to their patients. That’s how we make life easier for them and for the millions of people living with wounds.

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