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Your step-by-step guides to heal specific wound types

Do you want to improve the standard of wound care at your facility?


Are you looking to deliver consistency in wound care practice for you and your colleagues? Do they need guidance on how to treat specific wound types? If so, we have the tools to help you.

Promoting consistency in care with the Wound Type Specific Pathways


Together with a group of wound care experts, we have developed five pathways with step-by-step treatment guidance on each wound type (diabetic foot ulcer, pressure ulcer, skin tears, surgical wound dehiscence and venous leg ulcer). These pathways are based on the Wound Care Pathway, which offers a unique and evidence-based approach to managing chronic wounds. The Wound Care Pathway has been created with feedback and input from over 2200 healthcare professionals across more than 60 countries.

By empowering nurses at all levels with easy access to guidance, we strive towards shorter way to wound healing and improve patient’s quality of life. With a holistic and coordinated approach to wound care, you can address variations and implement evidence-based care.

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