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What is E-invoicing?

E-invoicing automates and streamlines the process of sending and having invoices paid.
E-invoicing is a standard method of receiving invoices in Coloplast.




E-invoicing delivers a number of benefits for you:

  • You earn – We maximize the chance to send your money in due time – thanks to the immediate delivery of an invoice to Coloplast

  • You do your business – We reduce the risk of lost invoices

  • You focus - no need to communicate with us on missing invoice or payment (fewer reminders, fewer emails and calls)

  • You save - E-invoicing is considerably cheaper than traditional invoicing. Spend your resources wisely.

  • You protect - E-invoicing is environment-friendly

  • You grow your business – you can present your company to new contractors as a socially responsible company

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Coloplast entities

Coloplast entities

Check which Coloplast entities accept e-invoices See the list
110 Coloplast A/S Denmark
150 Coloplast Ejendomsselskab A/S Denmark
157 Ejendom Kromosevej A/S Denmark
190 Coloplast Denmark A/S Denmark
210 Coloplast GesmbH Austria
220 Coloplast AG Switzerland
230 Coloplast GmbH Germany
340 Coloplast Belgium N.V. Belgium
350 Coloplast Laboratoire S.A.S France
351 Coloplast Manufacturing France


354 Coloplast Lilial


Coloplast Czech Republic s.r.o.

Czech Republic

Coloplast Slovakia s.r.o.


380 Coloplast Limited UK
410 Coloplast Oy Finland
430 Coloplast AB Sweden
440 Coloplast Norge AS Norway
450 Coloplast S.p.A. Italy
460 Coloplast Productos Medicos S.A. Spain
470 Coloplast Sp. Zo.o. Poland
475 Coloplast Business Centre Sp.  Z o.o. Poland
480 Coloplast B.V. The Netherlands
490 Coloplast Hungary Kft. Hungary
510 Coloplast Distribution GmbH Germany
551 Coloplast Manufacturing Portugal Portugal
555 Coloplast II Portugal Portugal
630 Coloplast Pty. Ltd. Australia
635 Coloplast Ltd. New Zealand
650 Coloplast (India) Pvt Ltd. India
710 Coloplast Corporation USA
711 Coloplast Manufacturing US USA
760 Coloplast Canada Corporation Canada
850 Coloplast de Argentina S.A. Argentina
860 Coloplast do Brasil LTDA Brasil
900 Coloplast AS South Africa
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