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MyOstomy Privacy Notice

As the responsible data controller Coloplast (Coloplast A/S, Holtedam 1, 3050 Humlebaek, Denmark) is required to obtain your consent to collect and process the personal information you provide when you participate in the trial of the MyOstomy App and when you use the MyOstomy App to personalize your settings in the app and improve its offerings. The purpose of this declaration is to give you information on what you are consenting to and how Coloplast is handling of your information.


How will my information be handled?


  • The information Coloplast may collect from you (“your information”) includes:


□   The following information collected via the app: your activity in the app, your profile information (type of stoma, surgery date, location), your wellbeing on a scale from 1-10 (how you are feeling etc.), personal changing routine (body profile, pouch type, product type), logged changing history (reason for change, skin irritation), personal goals, tool initiation, and notification enabling.


□   The following information collected via survey questionnaires: gender, age, country of residence, for US residents: if you are insured and if so which insurance, the year of your stoma surgery, if your surgery was acute or planned, your stoma type, if your stoma is temporary or permanent, the area around your stoma, if you experience skin issues in the area around the stoma covered by the baseplate/barrier, frequency of skin issues around stoma, are you following a fixed changing routine, do you feel in control of living with a stoma, what type of appliance/pouching system you are using, how often you change your appliance/pouching system, how often you change your baseplate/barrier, how often you change your bag/pouch, how often you experience unplanned changes, the reason for unplanned changes, how often are you in contact with a stoma nurse, do you feel like your health problems affect you in your daily work/activities, do you feel like living with a stoma limits you in your daily life, how good/bad do you feel like your health is today, do you set personal goals related to living with a stoma, if you have changed your changing routine within the last 30 days, if you have increased the frequency of your changes in the last 30 days, if your productivity at work/at home has changed in the last 30 days, if you feel greater control levels after you have started using the app, are you satisfied with the personalized content in the app, what you think about the app, if you would recommend the app to others



  • Coloplast will only handle your information in accordance with your consent, which forms the legal basis for Coloplast’s processing, cf. article 9(2)(a) of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).


  • Your consent will be valid for 3 years, unless you withdraw the consent before expiry of the period. Coloplast may ask for your consent again before expiry. Your information will be deleted automatically if your consent is not renewed before expiry.


  • Coloplast will protect your information in accordance with best industry practices, and will only share your information with the Coloplast subsidiary in your country of residence in order to process your information for the outlined purposes. For USA: Coloplast Corp., 1601 West River Road N., Minneapolis, MN, 55411, USA. For Great Britain: Coloplast Limited, Nene Hall, Peterborough Business Park, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire PE2 6FX, Great Britain. Your information collected via the app will be stored in EU on the Firebase platform (hosted by Google), and your information collected via the survey questionnaires will be stored in USA on the Eloqua platform (hosted by Oracle). Data stored in USA is safeguarded by Oracle that is bound by the EU Commissions standard contractual clauses. Your information will be accessed by Coloplast’s employees on a need-to-know basis for the purposes you agree to (see below).


  • Coloplast will use your profile information (gender, location, stoma type, surgery date) and the goals you select. Based on your profile information the app will filter the information that is made accessible for you in the app (e.g. to only show information relevant for your age group, or type of stoma). Based on the goals you select the filtered information you will see will be prioritized in the app to ensure that you get easy access to the most relevant information first. Coloplast will not make any individual decisions that may affect you or have legal effects for you based on the classification. 


What are my rights?


You may contact Coloplast at at any time with a request for:


-        Access to your data;

-        Rectification or deletion of your data;

-        Restrictions upon Coloplast in the processing of your data or object to the processing;

-        Receiving your data in a machine readable format (data portability); and

-        Withdrawal of your consent


Your exercise of any of the rights listed above will not have negative implications for you. Please visit for more information on how Coloplast is handling personal information.



Where you have questions or queries regarding Coloplast’s handling of personal information, please contact Coloplast’s Data Protection Officer at Complaints related to Coloplast’s handling of your personal information may similarly be sent to the Data Protection Officer, and you are also entitled to file a complaint with the relevant supervisory authority. As Coloplast is established in Denmark you may always file a complaint with the Danish Data Protection Agency (


How can I contact Coloplast


For questions, please contact

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