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International COF Event, Sweden 15 June 2014

Have your say on the topics that will be discussed during the interactive open space session. All the votes will be gathered and used to determine the selection of topics.

Understand the topics


1. The feeling of standing out as a stoma patient

Studies have shown that 70% of people with a stoma feel that they stand out (1). This workshop will host discussions about how this can have a negative impact on a person’s quality of life and what consequences it has for getting back to a fulfilling life.


2. Factors influencing the trust of the stoma appliance

When it comes to a stoma appliance everything begins with trust. Participate in a discussion about how a stoma appliance should instil a feeling of security and confidence, enabling patients to live their lives to the fullest. What are the main factors inducing trust?


3. Expectations of the modern patient

The modern patient is becoming more knowledgeable and responsible about their healthcare, considering themselves as experts within their own lives. This workshop covers how Stoma Care Nurses experience and handle the modern patient. What are the educational and communication needs both from a nurse and a patient’s perspective?


4. Identifying patient resources using a holistic approach

Patients are individuals with their own set of needs, which can vary depending on a variety of factors. Join this discussion about how Stoma Care Nurses can holistically assess and understand a patient’s needs and how outcome of care is best measured.


5. Fulfilling the demands of being specialised within stoma care

The role of the specialist within stoma care is changing to be tailored to meet increasing demands from the surrounding society.This workshop discusses the requirements and new standards that the specialist nurse has to consider in their continuous professional development.


6. The prioritisation between quality and cost of stoma products

Tightening public health budgets is an ongoing limitation to public health care resources. Join this workshop and discuss consequences of price versus quality, fast track flows and fewer resources in general. How can nurses influence the patient & care?


7. A supportive handover from hospital to community

Ineffective handover from hospital to community can result in decreased quality of health care and increased rates of rehospitalisation of patients. This workshop discusses how to ensure a well structured and systematic way of handing over care between providers resulting in a smoother transition and better quality of care.


8. Online technology – Searching and receiving information

An increasing number of patients are searching online for medical information. Join this discussion about how all the information available online can provide both good information but also lead to patients becoming overwhelmed and misinformed. How can patients be helped and guided through this jungle of information?


9. The utilization of telemedicine within stoma care

Telemedicine is increasing due to its many benefits, however some believe telemedicine is depersonalizing the nurse/patient relationship. This workshop will explore the ups- and down-sides of telemedicine and the discussions will cover the elements of nursing from a distance.


10. Exploring the role of the stoma care nurse as patient coach

Patients are becoming more autonomous and increasingly taking more responsibility for their care. Participate in the discussion of how the nurse/patient relationship has developed into a partnership, where patient’s perception of nurses as a coach has developed. What are the implications of nurses becoming health coaches?


1. Coloplast end-user survey July 2012. N = 707

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