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With HEAL we want to support clinicians who are managing wounds and skin care complications and provide clinically relevant and evidence-based medical education. HEAL is authored by internationally renowned wound care experts, endorsed by EWMA and local wound care associations to ensure credible and non-biased education. Since 2014 HEAL has provided clinicians from more than 16 countries access to high quality education.  

HEAL Programme

The HEAL programme will deepen your knowledge with 10 courses ranging from general to specialised wound care topics. The courses include patient cases and best practice wound management principles and guidelines.



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Listen to the internationally recognised wound care specialist and author of HEAL Madeleine Flanagan
talk about the course Moist Wound Healing


HEAL is peer reviewed and endorsed by EWMA and several local wound care organisations. This is your guarantee that HEAL is an evidence based medical educational programme offering clinically relevant best practice guidelines.


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