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    4 Dec 2008

    Coloplast back in OMXC20 index

    OMXC20 puts Coloplast 17th.

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    Coloplast has re-entered the OMXC20 index portfolio at number 17 almost one year after it dropped out.

    The OMXC20 index contains the 20 most actively traded shares of Danish companies.

    Lene Skole, Coloplast's Executive Vice President said, "We are glad to be back in the company of these large Danish firms. We feel that we belong here. We do not, however, expect that it will make a great difference to Coloplast's day-to-day activities, except a little more media mention, which we are happy about."

    The C20 Index is revised twice a year and is based on the share trade at the Copenhagen Stock Exchange from 1 December – 31 May and from 1 June – 30 November respectively. The OMXC20's new index portfolio is effective from 22 December 2008.

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    28 Nov 2008

    Coloplast wins health and safety award

    Efforts to reduce the causes of strenuous repetitive work are recognised.

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    Coloplast was awarded a prize last week by the Danish Health and Safety Council for its efforts in reducing the causes of strenuous repetitive work within the workplace.

    Strenuous repetitive work can occur when an employee makes the same movement repeatedly, for example operating a machine or using a computer keyboard.


    Mapping system

    Lone Stubberup, Director Employee Health and Safety Development in Coloplast said, "We created a mapping system, in collaboration with the consultant company Alectia, which gives an overview of the workstations in Coloplast where strenuous repetitive work could occur. It enabled us to prioritise our efforts and target the right areas for improvement. We diminished the risk of injuries caused by strenuous repetitive work by, for example, rotating employees between work stations."


    Reducing strenuous repetitive work

    In making the award, the jury at the Danish Health and Safety Council said: "For a company that has its production situated around the world, it is successfully addressing the issue of strenuous repetitive work in all its workplaces. The mapping model gives a good overview of the scale of the problem, and createsan objective baseline for prioritizing the effort related to the corporate health and safety strategy. Using the mapping model, Coloplast has succeeded in reducing strenuous repetitive work in an ongoing and systematic way."

    The jury also recognised that Coloplast made sure its employees, health and safety representatives, and management understood and could use the results of the mapping system, seeing its long term preventative benefits.

    • News
    30 Oct 2008

    Access to Healthcare website goes live

    Coloplast to improve intimate healthcare in developing countries.

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    We have just launched our Access to Healthcare website.

    Access to Healthcare is a decade-long donation programme that aims to give people in developing countries access to better intimate healthcare, helping them live life with dignity.

    As well as information about the programme, the Access to Healthcare website also contains an online application process and the criteria for selection.

    Access to Healthcare came to be when we set up the donation programme in connection with our 50 year jubilee.


    Supporting projects

    We aim to support projects by providing monetary assistance, expertise and relevant manpower, and work with NGOs focusing on healthcare, because together we will be able to make a better impact. An independent board identifies and approves projects that help relieve, empower and engage people in the developing countries.

    The first project, to raise awareness and drive progress for people living with spinal cord injuries (SCI) in Durban, South Africa has already taken place, and consisted of a three-day workshop on management of spinal cord injury

    "Around 120 healthcare workers from Africa as well as other developing countries took part. The goal was to train the participants in the basic principles of SCI management," says Jytte Gliim, Senior Project Manager for the donation programme.

    "A project like this helps raise awareness in developing countries and educate local authorities and healthcare professionals for the benefit of people living with SCI, so they can get access to the treatment and advice they need in their daily lives. This first project is a perfect example of what our donation programme can do. It is about accelerating access to healthcare in areas where treatment is not available. As a company, we have the opportunity to spread our knowledge and to use our resources to make a difference."


    Local ownership is key

    According to Dr. Robert Campbell, who was closely involved with the SCI workshop, the outcome of the Coloplast sponsorship is invaluable: "This sponsorship has made it possible to lay the foundation for a curriculum for SCI courses - not just for this workshop in Durban - but for future workshops around the world. We now have the curriculum and materials in place to train people and raise awareness."

    For Dr. Nyati Mallou, who works at a government hospital in Kampala, Uganda, participating in the workshop provided valuable networking and knowledge-sharing with colleagues from other countries, as well as tools to make a difference in his local community.

    "We will re-organise our team and work based on our learnings from this workshop. We now have valuable tools and training materials to educate our colleagues, and we plan to make home visits to SCI patients and their families."

    Visit the website

    • News
    24 Oct 2008

    Coloplast's Johanne Louis-Hansen dies

    Johanne Louis-Hansen, co-founder of Coloplast, dies.

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    It is with profound regret that the management of Coloplast has received the announcement of Mrs. Johanne Louis-Hansen’s death on 21 October 2008.

    Johanne Louis-Hansen (born Rasmussen) was born 2 September 1915. She married Aage Louis-Hansen in 1947 and was co-founder of the medical device company Dansk Coloplast in 1957.


    Visionary and entrepreneur

    Johanne Louis-Hansen was more involved in her husband’s business than most women of her time. They discussed issues at length, and Aage Louis-Hansen consulted his wife in all matters relating to the company and the employees.

    Before her marriage, Johanne Louis-Hansen attended nursing school, and when the visiting nurse Elise Sørensen presented the idea for a self-adhesive plastic ostomy bag to her, she saw it as an opportunity to make life easier for post-surgery ostomy patients. Very quickly she overcame Aage Louis-Hansen’s initial reluctance to enter into a new business area, and the work on producing prototypes of ostomy bags began.

    Johanne Louis-Hansen was also member of Coloplast's the board of directors. The considerable insight in running the business, which she acquired via her seat on the board, made it possible for her to take over Aage Louis-Hansen’s tasks when he died September 1966. Johanne Louis-Hansen took part in the day to day management of the company until 1970 and was a member of Coloplast’s board of directors from 1957 to 1985, of which she was chairman from 1966 to 1973.


    The interest continued

    Johanne Louis-Hansen remained interested in the company until the end. Every year, she attended the general meeting and was determined to say hello to present as well as former employees she knew from her active years in management. She showed great respect for the employees and their involvement and, undeniably, seemed especially happy when women obtained good results.

    In spite of her frail figure, Johanne Louis-Hansen was a fearless person. Even a snowstorm could not prevent her from travelling all the way from Randers to Humlebæk if she had promised to participate in a company event. She was always present at the annual employee award in memory of Carl Erik Askgaard Olesen who was the first chairman of the company.


    Support to science

    Aage and Johanne Louis-Hansen’s Foundation was established in 1969. It supports cultural and scientific initiatives.


    Humour and warmth

    In her retirement from active life, Johanne Louis-Hansen enjoyed life on her farm Tustrup Hovedgård near Randers. She loved her flower garden, and took an interest in everything from harvesting the farm's crop to the condition of the cattle and will be remembered by the staff for her sense of humour and warm heart. Her house was full of art and antiques as well as with memories from her and her family’s many travels throughout a long life.


    Memorial service

    A memorial service will be held Monday 27 October at 1pm in Hørning Church near Tustrup. The funeral takes place Monday 3 November at 1pm at Vedbæk Church.

    Let us pay tribute to her memory.

    Lars Rasmussen
    President & CEO

    • News
    25 Sep 2008

    Coloplast eliminates 300 positions

    Coloplast eliminates 300 positions and announces 146 terminations effective today.

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    Coloplast eliminates 300 positions and announces 146 terminations effective today.

    This will make Coloplast more competitive by reducing staff costs.

    "I truly regret having to part with so many highly competent employees who have performed at Coloplast with both commitment and enthusiasm. Unfortunately, this is necessary if Coloplast is to maintain its position among the world's leading med-tech companies. We have to acknowledge that during the past couple of years, our organization has become too complex, in part due to major organizational changes, relocations and company acquisitions. "That's what we're changing now," says Lars Rasmussen, who was recently appointed CEO of Coloplast effective October 1.

    The job positions identified as redundant by the restructuring of the organization include 110 in Denmark and 36 outside of Denmark. The difference between the 300 positions mentioned and the 146 terminations is primarily due to vacant positions being eliminated altogether. Coloplast employs approximately 7,600 people globally.

    "This is a difficult time for our staff but the decisions we've made will bring us back in line with the type of organization that has produced growth and profits for Coloplast during the last 50 years," concludes Lars Rasmussen.

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    25 Aug 2008

    New VP for Corporate Communications

    Coloplast A/S has appointed Anders Monrad Rendtorff as the new Vice President for Corporate Communications.

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    Coloplast A/S has appointed Anders Monrad Rendtorff as the new Vice President for Corporate Communications.

    Anders Monrad Rendtorff joins Coloplast from a position as VP Communications & HR in Telia and has previously been employed by Copenhagen Business School, BG Bank and Ericsson Danmark. Furthermore, Anders has been a communication consultant in Advice A/S and Bottomline. Anders will finish his MBA at Copenhagen Business School in October. 

    From 15 November, Anders will be contactable by phone +45 4911 1920, mobile +45 3085 1920 or email Elisabeth Geday is Acting VP for Corp. Communications until 15 November. Elisabeth is contactable by phone +45 4911 1922, mobile +45 3085 1922 or email

    • News
    2 Apr 2008

    Biatain provides more comfort for patients

    Improvements to Biatain provide more comfort for patients

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    Improvements to Biatain provide more comfort for patients

    Coloplast's Biatain range of foam dressings for exuding wounds has been improved and upgraded, and is now available in three variants providing a range of proven solutions for the treatment ofchronic wounds.

    All dressings in the Biatain range are now offering even higher levels of patient comfort because of a new and softer foam and new bevelled edges reducing the risk of pressure marks.

    Next-generation Biatain comes in three variants: Biatain, for exuding wounds; Biatain Ag, for exuding wounds at risk of infection; and Biatain Ibu, for exuding wounds with wound pain due to tissue damage.

    Biatain targets exuding wounds. Biatain Ag releases silver into the wound where the risk of infection exists. Biatain Ibu targets painful wounds by releasing ibuprofen while absorbing wound fluid, which may reduce wound pain caused by tissue damage.

    "Well being and comfort for patients is crucial for fast and successful wound healing," says Jane P Kruse from Coloplast who is overseeing Biatain. "Biatain continues to provide faster healing of exuding wounds and has now been upgraded with improved features to substantially increase patient comfort," she adds.

    More about Biatain

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